The Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center

The Marburg Pavilion at The Johns Hopkins Hospital


The Marburg Pavilion offers deluxe accommodations for a limited number of adult patients who desire not only the finest medical care, but also the utmost in comfort and privacy. Located within the historic Marburg Building of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Pavilion is more reminiscent of a five-star luxury hotel than a hospital. These tastefully decorated private rooms and suites feature fine wood furniture, private baths, entertainment centers, and an array of special amenities. Yet each room is fully equipped to deliver the most advanced medical care. For beneath its paneling and designer fabrics, the Marburg Pavilion is, above all, a modern, technically sophisticated, hospital facility. Although connected to the main hospital building, public access to the Pavilion floor is limited. This helps to create a quiet, less stressful environment, conducive to your recuperation.

What's more, a dedicated, multifunctional team -- from nurses to guest services staff -- is assigned to each patient. So you will always find a familiar face to assist you. But more importantly, you can be confident that every team member understands your particular medical needs and personal requirements, including your business needs.

Rooms in the Marburg Pavilion, available at an additional charge, can be reserved by Johns Hopkins physicians. A member of the Marburg staff will schedule your time of admission, meet you at the main hospital entrance on Wolfe Street, and escort you, with your luggage, directly to your room.